Welcome to the 2nd Annual MASA Conference!

The annual conference of the Mid-Atlantic Societies of Anesthesiologists (MASA) brings together anesthesia physicians and care team providers dedicated to the high standards of our profession in a two-day event, sponsored by the Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists, the Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists and the District of Columbia Society of Anesthesiologists.

Embracing the nation’s capital, the Mid-Atlantic region and its states’ anesthesia societies are motivated to host a yearly call-to-action educational summit. Over the past century, physician anesthesiologists have advanced patient safety through innovative research, science and technology improvements. The administration of anesthesia is a complex and technically demanding medical procedure and being an anesthesiologist is a lifelong educational experience.

This year, the MASA 2nd Annual Conference will be held in conjunction with the fourth annual Mid-Atlantic Anesthesia Research Conference (MAARC) to foster active collaboration and shared learning across generations among anesthesia residents and fellows, medical students, and seasoned anesthesia providers. Hosted by the Department of Anesthesiology at Georgetown University Hospital, the MAARC will focus on transplant and critical care anesthesia while the MASA Conference will emphasize ambulatory anesthesia, pain medicine, and biopharmaceutical discovery.

There is no doubt that medicine reveres the specialist, however anesthesiologists’ expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas to provide for patient care in a variety of settings. Whether in the operating room, procedure room, intensive care unit or pain clinic, physician anesthesiologists are committed to delivering the highest quality of medical care at the highest level of safety before, during and after surgery.

As the business and practice of anesthesia changes in the nation, we must involve ourselves in every aspect of healthcare management and delivery to preserve safe patient care. We are excited to invite you to Georgetown for the 2017 MASA Annual Conference, Keeping Anesthesia Great: Highlights of a Well-Rounded Specialty.

 What to expect at this two-day summit:

  • Presentations from renowned experts who will share their knowledge and theories
  • Didactic lectures, roundtable discussions and panel debates that encourage collaboration
  • Information displays from cutting-edge industry supporters
  • Mid-Atlantic Anesthesia Research Conference (MAARC) Scientific Poster Presentations
  • Hands-on Workshops sponsored by MAARC
  • Saturday evening cocktail hour Meet-and-Mingle
  • ASA Update and Advocacy Award Ceremony


Kathryn Rosenblatt, MD
MASA Conference Program Chair
Division of Neuroanesthesia, Neurosciences Critical Care 
Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine 
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


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